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Photo by Timothy K

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Update: Thank you all for your submissions. The winners were contacted and the winning entries will be released in the Fall of 2020. 

Imagine how you’ll get around, what you'll do, and who you’ll see in a better connected world.

Create a video that shows us how you imagine "freedom of movement": a new, better connected, era of getting around using micromobility methods in your city.

In a time not very long ago we took getting around for granted. And in only a few short months everything changed. COVID-19 has shattered our ways of working, living and moving, on a global scale. But it’s also brought us together in unprecedented ways, allowing creative ideas to be shared instantly from people of every background, all over the world.

Soon, we will all cautiously emerge from our homes and look to reconnect with family, coworkers, classmates and friends. This moment of rebirth and reconnection is also a chance to break with the past, to imagine, and create, a better world– one with less pollution, less limitations, and more connections.

How can you envision a post-COVID-19 world with easier, cleaner, less dangerous and less expensive ways to get around? How would you get around your neighborhood or city differently from modes of transportation invented more than a century ago? Who would you visit and how would you get there? How would the whole world change? 

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Deadline to submit your entry: May 19th 2020 at 23:59 CET.


Be sure to share:




  • Movement: how will the way you get around look different? How will it be better?
  • Social Connection: there are people and places you haven’t seen in a while. Who and where are they? How will we all be closer in a world where we see each other more often?
  • Changes to Our World: life won’t be the same after this. What changes do you anticipate will make living better? How can we be more connected in a world that’s easier to get around?


  • Please observe all local regulations within your community
  • Most importantly please ensure the safety of yourself, and everyone. Please follow all social distancing and other regulations for your area and as much as possible, let your creativity flourish from inside your home.
  • Take advantage of video you already have, use animation, illustrations, etc.. to get your story across. Submit a video 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. All images, music, video should be your own, or freely available for reuse and fully credited.
You can submit anything from a home video to a Hollywood production.
Be creative and have fun!


What is your original angle or opinion on the topic? What ideas and messages would you like to communicate? Be creative to increase your chances of winning.


How will you shoot your video? Create a storyboard and script, think about camera angles, recruit friends to help, and have fun!


Record a Video of 30
seconds to two minutes.

ABOUT improving and simplifying modern life.


Just one final step, and you're done.

UPLOAD your video for a chance to WIN! 

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Best story wins $2.000.

Selected entries get $1.000 
Selected entries get $500
We believe life is better when people have more courage than fear.
We want to accompany people in life and enable them to take the next step.
We share their believes and invest into their vision.
We are calling on curious and courageous minds from around the globe to help us create a better future by sharing their personal stories and ideas.
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