Tips for Shooting Your Video

Stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of winning! We’ve put together a list of hints and tips to get your creative juices flowing and to help you create a stellar video. We are looking for entries that are imaginative, thought provoking, and fun. 


Questions to keep in mind as you create your video:

Whether you’re cleaning up at the beach, a littered street, or in a public park, make sure your video includes a look at the space you’re cleaning up “before” and “after,” so we can appreciate the magnitude of your efforts! We know preventative measures for waste reduction are important, but for this challenge we want to hear about ways to clean up the world’s existing waste (there’s plenty of it). In addition, to documenting your clean up effort, we also want to hear your ideas for reducing waste and getting the #trashout in the future – be creative and surprise us!

Always be smart and safe about the spaces you’re cleaning up – never handle used needles, medical or biological waste, or other potentially hazardous materials.


Please note: we prefer to feel inspired, so do your best to share a hopeful vision of the future.


Questions to think about as you create your video:

·         What are some of the ways trash is negatively impacting our environment?

·         What specific changes do you think we could make in the future to address some of those issues?

·         How might future technologies be used to help manage or clean up waste?

·         How can we inspire people in our community and around the world to participate in smarter, more ethical waste management practices?

·         How can gamification be used to encourage trash clean ups?

·         Why is the simple act of cleaning important to you?

·         How was the experience of cleaning up a public space – did othes ask what you were doing or why? Did others pitch in or ignore your efforts?

·         What actions do you think individuals could take to make a difference both in the short-term and long-term?


Watch our "How To" video
Watch this video made by James Matthews to learn how to create a good Allianz Explorer Story. More videos from James on his YT channel

What you should NOT do

  1. Don't overthink it. We don’t expect you to change the world with one video; so don’t worry too much about the details. The important thing is to show us something that reveals your unique perspective.
  2. Don’t be boring. Resist going for the most obvious interpretation; use your imagination and think about innovative ways you can make your submission stand out.
  3. Don’t worry about production quality. We aren’t expecting a Hollywood-quality production. Ideally, we want something that will hold our attention from beginning to end, that surprises or delights.
  4. Don’t trade style for substance. We are more interested in great ideas than we are great camera angles. Share a video that tells a story or has a message.
  5. Don't be a perfectionist. Don’t worry about getting every detail just right— we’d rather it be done than it be perfect!


What you SHOULD do

  1. Pick an idea or example you like. You’ll have a better time if you’re working with an idea/topic/example you connect with, so choose the one that you’re really excited about.
  2. Think about timing. Videos can’t be longer than 55 seconds, so plan your time (and your final edit) accordingly.
  3. Consider the message. Think about your message to viewers and how you can best communicate it visually. Whether through a montage of images or video footage, help us understand your vision.
  4. Have a standout moment. Try to plan for a standout moment that will make your video memorable, setting it apart from the competition.
  5. Leave us wanting more. Your video should have us shouting for an encore! Think about how your video can surprise, excite, or otherwise move the viewer.


More helpful hints...

  1. Think about how the topic makes your feel. Where does the topic take you? Do you feel happy, sad, excited or some other emotion as you think of it? Think about how you can best translate the emotion of the theme through accompanying visuals.
  2. Think of your personality. Think about what makes the video uniquely your own; how your life experience or personality could influence your video. 
  3. Experiment with content.  Think about interesting or innovative ways you can use the type of content you film to help communicate and support your overall message. For example, you might film real people in real situations, a choreographed dance routine, scenes from nature, or use other objects as visual metaphors (toys, Legos, etc).
  4. Be original. It can be helpful to look at videos to get inspired, but make sure you don’t imitate or copy something that’s already out there.
  5. Involve your friends. Have a friend who wants to take part? A collaboration can be fun and rewarding, so think about teaming up -- sometimes two minds are better than one!



Go ahead: record videos in your native language.

Videos can be recorded in any language, however we ask for owners of non-English language submissions to provide a brief English-language description or transcript of their video.


Do not use any copyrighted materials.

Be careful not to use any protected or copyrighted materials you don’t have the rights to, including music, video, animation, and/or brand names. Looking for free music to use in your video? Check out these options:

•              Epidemic Sound

•              YouTube Audio Library

•              AudioJungle


Be creative and have fun!

We are looking to laugh, learn and be inspired. Show us your personality and what makes you and your innovation unique. You don’t need fancy or professional equipment to submit a video (although if you want to make a Hollywood-style production, that’s fine too!)