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Photo by Neonbrand

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In today’s fast-paced, always-on, over-messaged digital age, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed and inundated, searching for new ways to streamline our busy lives, for example meal planning via app, using a car share instead of driving yourself or automating repetitive tasks around the house, etc. But there are a lot of things that we cannot influence. Imagine you could change them! 

We want to hear about your best hacks for improving modern life by making it simpler. These methods can be real – ones you’ve already adopted in your life, or aspirational – ones you think we could use in the future.

Be sure to share:

1.       What the words “simple” and “simplicity” mean to you.

2.       An example of a chore or activity that feels overly complicated, taxing, or like a waste of time – something that seems to make your life harder than it needs to be (no longer than 20 seconds of the whole video!).

3.       How you might change or simplify this chore or activity in order to improve your life. What makes your solution better and simpler?

Focus on solutions that don't exist yet, rather than on available technology and problems that have been solved with it!
Be forward thinking, not retrospective.

You can submit anything from a home video to a Hollywood production.
Be creative and have fun!


What is your original angle or opinion on the topic? What ideas and messages would you like to communicate? Be creative to increase your chances of winning.


How will you shoot your video? Create a storyboard and script, think about camera angles, recruit friends to help, and have fun!


Record a Video of 55-seconds or less.

ABOUT improving and simplifying modern life.


Just one final step, and you're done.

UPLOAD your video for a chance to WIN! 

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Best story wins €3.000.
The winner gets free promotion on Social Media.
Selected entries get €1.500 
Every winner gets free promotion on Social Media.
Selected entries get €500 
We believe life is better when people have more courage than fear.
We want to accompany people in life and enable them to take the next step.
We share their believes and invest into their vision.
We are calling on curious and courageous minds from around the globe to help us create a better future by sharing their personal stories and ideas.
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