Allianz #ExploreWithUs Video Challenge - Rules


Below are the rules for participating in the Allianz #ExploreWithUs challenge:

1) Submit

The program period begins on March 4th  2019 at 00:01 CET and ends on March 31st 2019 at 23:59 CET.

To participate in the program the applicant should:

  • upload the video via website;


  • send a link to the video with your full name, email, and country of residence  to

2) Get selected

Allianz will choose one winning video to take part  in our pay-for-performance reward program (Grand Prize), based on the below selection criteria:

  • How unique, creative and fun your video is
  • How relevant your video is to the challenge
  • How well you tell your story


  • You must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible
  • Maximum length 55 seconds
  • Should include only material that you have rights to (no copyrighted and protected music, sounds, imagery, or video)
  • If your submission is not in English, then please be ready to provide a translated transcript in English
  • Please review our creative tips

You will be disqualified if your submission is determined to include:

  • Generally abusive content
  • Dangerous or irresponsible behavior which may cause harm to self or others
  • Harassing content
  • Racial or discriminatory content
  • Pornographic content
  • Copyrighted content (that the user does not have rights to)
  • Anything that goes against our FB page house rules

3) Rewards

If your idea is selected:

  • It will include a 4-second Allianz branded intro and a 4-second Allianz branded outro.
  • You must agree to all Rules, Terms & Conditions  
  • We reserve the right to edit the content, but not alter the substance of the piece.


Grand Prize (1 winner)

- Guaranteed cash prize prize amount of two thousand euro (€2.000);

- Additional one thousand euro (€1000) for each one hundred thousand (100.000) aggregated views on Allianz social media channels, with a maximum award amount  of one thousand euro (€3.000);

- €2.000 invested in promotion of each video selected for the pay-for-performance competition.

Runner-Up Prize (at least 1 winner)

-   Guaranteed cash prize amount of one thousand euro (€1.000);

  • Additional two hundred euro (€200) for each one hundred thousand (100.000) aggregated views on Allianz social media channels, with a maximum award amount of one thousand euro (€1.000); 
  • €2.000 will be invested in promotion of each video selected for the pay for performance competition.

Third Tier Prize (zero to multiple winners)

-  Guaranteed amount of five hundred euro (€500) for each participant;

- At least €2.000 invested in promotion of each video selected.

Apart from the promotion investment and guaranteed amount of €500, no further compensation will be paid by Allianz SE.

Views will be counted for a 7-day period after launch from Allianz channels (paid views and organic). Evidence of fraudulent activity towards gaining views will disqualify the winner from the prize.

**Or local currency equivalent. Currency will be exchanged on the price on the day of promotion based on

Views will be accumulated, counted, and rewarded as follows:

  • The video will run on Allianz Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube channels with an initial €2k media budget to give it a kickstart
  • Your account will be credited with producing of the piece
  • All public views counted from posting on the winners channels will be counted towards the total view count