A step into the unknown


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A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for

The world is shaped by people who explore. People who believe there is discovery at the edge. People who step out of their comfort zone to reach new ground. The innate desire for exploration inevitably brings risks and unknowns.

It is what moved the sea explorers of the 14th century to invent insurance in the first place — the recognition that sharing risk would allow everyone to go further than they could on their own.

sea with sailing ship in Background

Early Beginnings


In the year 1890 Carl von Thieme and Wilhelm Finck founded Allianz, offering insurance to new modes of transportation. This was a time when people trusted horses more than cars. And technology would forever change the way people worked and lived. From the very beginning, Allianz believed in the courageous entrepreneurs and ideas others consider impossible.

Our history has shaped our belief: Life would be better if people had more courage, than fear.

Exploring Life

The journey ranges from small steps to grand adventures. From buying a new house to starting a family. From startups to global disruptors. From sailing the ocean to exploring space travel. With every step we take, in every aspect of life and business, the following remains true:

We all want to move on and up.
All it takes is courage.

We all want
to move on and up.
All it takes is

Our ambition is to accompany people in life and give them the courage to take the next step.

Allianz is a trusted companion because ...

we reassure our customers’ biggest life challenges. Our expertise and willingness to break boundaries is deep to our heart and soul.


we enable innovators. We share their courage and invest into their vision.


we are proud to co-create with game changers. Together, we find ways to build a better future.

with us

We believe in the future of mobility

We invest into the development of driverless taxi-drones

Drone Racing League
Bringing a new sport to audiences around the world
The goal is to replace combustion engines to electric engines in Philippines’ more popular means of public transportation.
Micro Insurance
We provide insurance across the developing world, allowing farmers and entrepreneurs to seize opportunities and develop their businesses.
Mobility Challenge

How might we design an active lifestyle device with accessibility in mind? Good design is inclusive design. We launched an open source challenge to design the next generation wheelchair.

Robo Race
Building trust around autonomus driving.

We are an official partner of Formula E, the world's first electric racing series.

Fair Fleet
Marketplace for drone pilots

Accelerating startups to help after a disaster.

Space Travel
We are the leading experts in space travel.

Just a few years, space travel was only a dream. We are working with courageus entrepreneurs to bring this dream to reality.

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