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Allianz Together With FC Barcelona Calls out to Explorers
to Show How Technology Will Transform the Future of Healthcare

In 2014, Barcelona was named the first European Capital of Innovation and has since continued on this trajectory, recently being highlighted by The Innovative Cities Index as one of the fastest rising cities in the world. With this in mind, there could not be a more vibrant place to discuss the impact of technology on the future of health. Our panel of experts from sports health, insurance, investment, robotic engineering together with our audience debated the transformational effects of emerging technologies on the future healthcare paradigm.


Introduction & Welcome

Oliver Kraus

Global Partnership Manager, Allianz SE

Javier Sobrino

Strategy & Knowledge Director, FC Barcelona & Barça Innovation Hub

Our Speakers

Francesc Cos

Head of Sports Performance, FC Barcelona

Isabel Pérez

CEO of Wimu / Real Track Systems

Marie André Destarac

Senior Robotics Engineer, Aura Robotics

Helena Torras

CEO & Co-Founder, B-Wom

Martin Meyer-Gossner

Allianz SE Business Consultant

Explore Barcelona's Hot Spots

The Allianz Global Explorer Micro-Conference Series brings together innovators, researchers, business leaders, soul searchers and curious minds from around the globe to explore how disruptive and innovative technologies can drive sustainable change in our urban spaces.

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