The Allianz Explorers Talk video series invites remarkable individuals to share their singular stories and unique perspectives about what they’ve learned on their journey so far.  In this, its first series, Allianz talks to German astronaut and physicist, Gerhard Thiele about everything from predicting the future of climate science to contemplating the earth from outer space. 
What are the qualities of an explorer? Astronaut and physicist Gerhard Thiele ponders this and other questions as he remembers the sights and sensations of his time exploring outer space.
What’s in store for our climate future? Astronaut and physicist Gerhard Thiele answers questions about climate change, fast-forwarding to the year 2100 to imagine what the future of energy production might look like.
What’s the next big thing for science? Astronaut and physicist Gerhard Thiele talks science fiction vs. science and covers a lot of ground – from the importance of the discovery of gravitational waves to the possibility of a quantum theory of relativity.
Does time actually move faster as we get older? Astronaut and physicist Gerhard Thiele considers how our perception of the passage of time changes as we move through life.
Who challenges you? Astronaut and physicist Gerhard Thiele didn’t have a single role model in his life, but he remembers some of the people who have influenced him along the way – from a Navy commander to his father. 
What does it mean to think in possibilities? Astronaut and physicist Gerhard Thiele recalls his time working on a space crew with members from the US, Japan and Germany and the incredible value and potential of this kind of cross-cultural collaboration.