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The future of urban traffic

Mexico City

Can sustainable innovation
transform the most traffic-congested city on the planet?

Regarded globally as one of the worst cities to live in for drivers, Mexico City’s car dependence problem is not going away. As car registrations grow faster than the birthrate in this city of 20 million, ongoing traffic issues will continue to have widespread impact on everything from the environment, to road safety, to economic growth. Our panel of experts and audience members came together to discuss how new technologies, sustainable innovations and contributions from the private sector have the potential to transform urban mobility in Mexico City.

Mexico City | March 1, 2018

Our Speakers

Ricardo Weder


Eugenio Riveroll

Sin Trafico

Xavier Treviño

Centrico Consultancy Agency

Luis Bosch

CEO Allianz Partners Mexico

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The Allianz Global Explorer Micro-Conference Series brings together innovators, researchers, business leaders, soul searchers and curious minds from around the globe to explore how disruptive and innovative technologies can drive sustainable change in our urban spaces.

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