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Explore with us

How is new tech improving
Your Health & Wellness?

Create your story

What we are looking for

We believe life is better when people have more courage than fear.

We are calling on curious and courageous minds from around the globe to help us create a better future by sharing personal stories from their lives.

We want to know how new technologies may have positively impacted your wellness journey, from prevention and diagnosis, to treatment, cure, and maintenance. For this challenge, we are looking for video stories that explore the future of health, looking specifically at how new technology has improved your overall health and wellness.

Your Wellness Journey


Getting the right diagnosis can be a time-consuming and exhausting process. In what ways has new technology helped to speed, improve or otherwise impact your journey to diagnosis?


The demands of daily life take their toll on our bodies and minds. How has new technology helped you balance the physical and emotional stresses of your day-to-day?


Today we look for treatments that are less invasive; reducing time spent in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. How has new technology helped to speed, improve, or otherwise impact your treatment?


Some medicines and management techniques can be curative. How has new technology helped repair your body, mind and soul?


Once our bodies have healed, we must take the necessary steps to stay on track. In what ways has new technology helped you maintain your health and wellness?

When creating your story
think about

The specific challenge or condition you struggled with
What new technologies were helpful to you and at what stage they helped
How new technology has changed your life

You can submit anything from a home video to a Hollywood production. Be creative and have fun!

Contribute and win €5.000

Record your Story
Share your story of how new tech has improved your life (in 60 seconds or less).
Rules for participation
Post or Upload
Post video stories on your public Instagram or Facebook pages using @Allianz and the #ExploreWithUs tag or upload here.
Win Rewards
Best story wins from €2.000 to €5.000.
Other selected entries get from €500 to €2.000.
Every winner gets free promotion on Social Media.

Time to submit





Story Examples

Aaron's Story

Balancing two jobs, school, creative pursuits, friends and family can be overwhelming even on a good day. See how Aaron uses new tech to help restore balance to her everyday (hint: just breathe). Have you ever used new tech to benefit your own health & wellness?

Nate's Story

When a knee injury threatens Nate's quest for the perfect wave, he turns to technology to connect with his trainer and stay on track with recovery. Have you ever used technology to help recuperate after illness or an accident?

Philipp's Story

When a chronic disease makes it difficult for his sister to maintain a normal lifestyle, Philipp and family turn to innovative health therapies to improve her quality of life. Have you or a loved one ever used technology to help manage an illness or condition? We want to hear about it.

Gabriel's Story

While training for a half marathon, Gabriel uses new technology to boost her performance and live her healthiest life. Have you ever used new technology to help you achieve your own health & wellness goals? Why don't you tell us about it?

Kevin's Story

Kevin shares the story of his friend and filmmaker, Matthijs, who has been using health tech to achieve some very dramatic lifestyle changes. Have you ever used technology to radically alter your health & wellness? It could be a great exploration story.

What is your story

Post your video to Instagram or Facebook with
#ExploreWithUs and tag @Allianz or

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