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Explore with us

How will technology change
the living spaces of the future?

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What we are looking for

We believe life is better when people have more courage than fear.

We are calling on curious and courageous minds from around the globe to help us create a better future by sharing their personal stories and ideas.

For this challenge, we are looking for video stories that explore the future of living, looking specifically at how future technological innovation might impact the living spaces of people dwelling in our urban centers.

The Journey of Living

We asked teenagers around the world to describe what they imagined for the future of living spaces. Now, we are looking to hear your thoughts.


Today, more than 50% of humans are living in urban areas (source). How will this dense co-habitation influence trust among people? Will entire cities be subjected to surveillance as a means of crime prevention? Will data be used to evaluate or score the trustworthiness of potential tenants? Is the movie Minority Report science fiction or actual forecast?


Are smart homes a buzzworthy concept or here to stay? Will all of our movements be tracked, measured with sensors, and connected to services? Will our neighbors still water our plants while we go on holiday? How will technology influence care for the elderly? Will we be less prone to anxiety knowing warning systems are in place to monitor their health and safety?


With cities growing denser and urban living already cramped and expensive, what types of coping mechanisms will future urban dwellers have to develop in order to persevere? If families are no longer living in traditional, multi-generational homes, how will we find emotional support? Will we build communities out of app groups and videoconferences? Will personal assistant technology become our new family?

When creating your story
think about

Your current living space and the city you live in
What specific technologies you might encounter in urban living spaces of the future
How your life, or the lives of other city dwellers, might be changed by future technology

You can submit anything from a home video to a Hollywood production. Be creative and have fun!

Contribute and win €5.000

Record your Story
Share your story of how tech might impact the living spaces of the future (in 60 seconds or less).
Rules for participation
Post or Upload
Post video stories on your public Instagram or Facebook pages using @Allianz and the #ExploreWithUs tag or upload here.
Win Rewards
Best story wins from €2.000 to €5.000.
Other selected entries get from €500 to €2.000.
Every winner gets free promotion on Social Media.

Time to submit





Story Examples

Alex' Story

Alex checks on his home from wherever he is, whenever he wants – thanks to his home's smart-security system. Imagine a world where all of our living spaces become 'smart' – how far would YOU trust A.I. to protect your homes and loved ones?

Chris' Story

Is technology "the magic of the 21st Century?" For Chris from Austria his smart-home, lifestyle, learning and connectivity all reflect the way our living spaces are changing thanks to technology! What do you think is the next big change we are going to experience?

What is your story

Post your video to Instagram or Facebook with
#ExploreWithUs and tag @Allianz or

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