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can small transport alternatives have big impact?

Will drones, AI, big data and car sharing characterize the future of personal urban mobility, or can smaller alternatives like e-scooters, e-bikes and micro-cars be the dark horse in the race to solve urban mobility issues?

Car sharing, ride pooling, autonomous cars, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and even drone taxis have helped us reimagine the future of public transport and urban mobility. Yet, as cities, tech companies and OEMs race to avoid the collapse of urban transit, a simple and often overlooked trend has also emerged: micro-mobility.

These smaller alternative transport solutions - from featherweights like kickboards to seated vehicles like e-scooters and micro cars - have been easily adapted to incorporate digital technology and data use. Many different sharing models have already been introduced in urban areas, creating hyper-accessible green solutions for the first/last mile and micro distances.

Can micro-mobility provide the affordable, environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive answer to the challenges posed by urban mobility, or are we just romanticizing trendy gadgets?

Explore with us: Allianz and partners.

Zurich | June 9, 2018

No micro conference due to cancellation of two panellists
Location: Kraftwerk Zurich, Selnaustrasse 25, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland

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